View of Dolomites illuminated by the light of sunsetA family has fun on a hike in DolomitesView of Lake Carezza in Val d'Ega in South TyrolTwo kids on a hike in the valley around Hotel WieslhofDetail of a wooden fence and in the background the Dolomites

The legendary Dolomites – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Wieslhof is in the heart of the Dolomites, one of the most impressive mountain ranges on the planet. The Dolomites are blessed to have white, stone summits; steep rock faces; lush mountain pastures and deep blue lakes. They rose from the sea more than 200 million years ago and their bright colour sets them apart.

Named Monti Pallidi in Italian or Bleiche Berge in German, both of which mean “Pale Mountains” in English, they shine brightly in the sunlight, but emit a warm, red glow at sunrise and sunset. This breathtaking natural phenomenon is known as the Alpenglow, or Enrosadira in the local dialect, and occurs due to a reaction between calcium carbonate and magnesium in the mountain.

There is also a second explanation for the Enrosadira… the legend of King Laurin and his rose garden.

It is said that the king put a curse on his rose garden, declaring that nobody was to see the magnificent beauty of his flowers, neither in the light of day nor at night time. What he forgot to mention, however, was those few precious minutes at dusk and at dawn, so they did not form part of the curse. From a dull red to brilliant, ruby tones, the Catinaccio glows stunningly for just a few moments each day. Marvel at this phenomenon and let our legendary mountains encapsulate you!