A family goes to the Astronomical Observatory near Hotel WieslhofThe stars seen from the astronomy village in Cornedo all'IsarcoSome bikers stopped at the earth model at the astronomy village near Hotel WieslhofDetail of a planet model at the astronomical observatory

Your astronomy hotel in Cornedo all’Isarco in the Dolomites

Observatory experience and planetarium in San Valentino in Campo near Collepietra… become a stargazer!

With our observatory and planetarium, we are Europe’s first astronomy village and are looking forward to presenting our unique project to you. We can’t bring the stars to you… but what we can do is provide you with an attractive holiday in our astronomy village. We’ve prepared a planet info point for you and, using the telescope in our garden, you can gaze out into space and marvel at Ursa Major, the Andromeda nebula, Venus, the Galilean moons of Jupiter…plus, with the stars app, you can collect star currency to use on your next visit to our astronomy village. There’s also a special menu with astronomical highlights, Isidor’s creations will send you to the moon!

From the Wieslhof, you can embark upon a wonderful hike to the one and only planetarium and solar observatory in San Valentino in Campo. The Planetarium is only a five-minute drive away from the hotel, or, on the planetary trail, you and the kids can learn lots of interesting and exciting facts about the solar system and enjoy magnificent mountain views of our wonderful Dolomites at the same time. Our Wieslhof is located right in the middle of the hiking area and has fantastic views of our local mountains… you can walk to the Pluto station on the hike over the Collepietra Alpine Ridgeway, known locally as the Steinegger Höhenweg, directly from the hotel!

You can learn more about the current night sky in Collepietra by visiting www.sternendorf.it (only available in German or Italian).

This year, both our local astrophysicists, based at the planetarium, are again offering a weekly guided hike on the planetary trail, including a tour of the planetarium and solar observatory. You must book to avoid disappointment!

In the South Tyrol planetarium in San Valentino in Campo, the starry sky is always visible, regardless of the weather and the time of day, so the paths the stars take across the sky can be presented in real time – a world exclusive “Cosmos Simulator”. Up to 53 guests can be accommodated on comfortable seats and, as if in a spaceship, be taken on an exciting journey of discovery around our planet and further afield. We would be delighted to be part of your way into the cosmos by suggesting this excellent opportunity to visit such a unique structure and to be shown round by our local astrophysicists! Information and timetables can be found under www.planetarium.bz.it (only available in German or Italian).

Visit the unique South Tyrol planetarium in San Valentino in Campo… it’s the only one of its kind in the region. Unlike at the observatory, space is shown artificially, in 3D, using precision optical instruments and accompanied by a professional sound system. Strap yourselves in and get ready for blast off!

The astronomy village event is taking place at the Wieslhof in the Dolomites on 27 April. Isidor and Csaba have prepared a stellar five-course, space-themed menu and music from the Zsamsinger from San Genesio Atesino rounds the event off nicely. We’re looking forward to seeing you there! Why not check out the menu now?

Our menu for the full-moon event

Our partners for the gourmet evening: Fa. Kaan und Resch GmbH

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