Two kids enjoy a walk around Hotel WieslhofA family on a hike through the Dolomites' meadowsA little girl on horseback during an activity holidays in nothern ItalyA group of tourists to discover the little stone men around Hotel Wieslhof

An activity holiday in northern Italy… based at the Wieslhof

Summer hiking holiday in the Dolomites, with Collepietra in South Tyrol as your base

Slip your feet into your hiking boots, get out of the house and enjoy a hike!

Embark on a unique activity holiday in northern Italy, in the Dolomites in the summer and experience the South Tyrolean mountains at their best! In Val d’Ega, the most beautiful mountains in the world await you. Here, there are countless opportunities for putting together the perfect holiday for the whole family… whether you’re active types or connoisseurs, there’s something for everyone here!

With all the possible hiking, climbing, mountain biking and cycling tours, not to mention Nordic walking, swimming, golf and a spa, holidaying in Val d’Ega is diverse and colourful.

For hiking enthusiasts, it’s just a case of slipping your boots on, stepping outside the Wieslhof, and there you are!

There are so many hiking trails that start all around the hotel. You’ll be taken through idyllic, pristine landscapes, shady forests and to magnificent viewing points in the heart of the Dolomites. The Wieslhof is situated on a high plateau that is 1220m above sea level, making it the ideal starting point for your hike. The Collepietra Alpine Ridgeway, the planetary trail, the hike to the observatory and, as a new addition, to the planetarium, as well as to the Schillerhof… these are just some of the most popular routes! If the Alpine is more your thing, the hiking areas in and around the Catinaccio are only a fifteen-minute drive away. The Masaré, a panoramic climb at the foot of the Catinaccio, is also relatively easy for children. New for this year is the free hiking bus that will take you from the hotel straight to the valley station of the cable car to Nova Levante, meaning you can leave your car behind. Gentle mobility in the Dolomites. Thank you, dear Albin, for making that possible for us!

The pyramid trail is in the immediate vicinity of our hotel and is yet another highlight of our legendary landscape. Created over millions of years, the giant stones tower majestically over this unique gorge, continually altered by the power of nature. Children can look forward to a large adventure playground, featuring bridges over gorges, platforms that tower high above the Katzenbach gorge and fossils that are the remnants of the “Tetris” primordial ocean, from which our beloved Dolomites developed.

The Legend

There was once a beautiful and fertile meadow here. For generations, the farmers who rented and worked this land used some of their profit to support the local chaplain. One of the farmers, however, refused to pay his rent, even after receiving a number of reminders, and he was brought to court in Collepietra. As there was no documentation pertaining to the meadow and the farmer had sworn on oath (even though he knew better) that the meadow belonged to him, the court deeded it to him. The chaplain was left disappointed, while the farmer was proud of the result. Later that day, however, dark clouds gathered over the property and the day became night. Everyone knew that something ominous was about to happen. There was a heavy downpour. The lightning flashed, the thunder rolled. Collepietra had never experienced anything like it. The storm only started to ease as morning approached and, when the farmer went outside to mow the grass on his meadow, he couldn’t believe his eyes. All he could see was a deep bluff that had spires and tent rocks stretching into the sky. It seemed that God had passed judgement, just in a different way than the people had.

Unique fixed-rope routes, like the one at Passo Santner, the Masaré and the Catinaccio d’Antermoia will transport you into the legendary kingdom of King Laurin. Please don’t forget your climbing gear – or, if you do, just drop in to the Alpine centre in Nova Levante, where trained mountain guides will be available to help you.

You’ll love it! A fantastic experience to be had with family, friends or as a couple.

Val d’Ega in the winter – pure, unadulterated fun in the snow!

Strap on your skis and get out onto the pistes – a mountain winter at its finest.

Skiing enthusiasts visiting the beautiful Catinaccio Latemar Region in Val d’Ega, South Tyrol, can choose between two excellent ski resorts. There’s Carezza Ski – sunshine skiing and guaranteed snow cover at the Carezza Pass – or there’s Obereggen, a winter wonderland for all ages, offering 48km of pistes that aren’t too challenging.

Both ski resorts have ski hire, ski schools, floodlit pistes, snowparks, ski inns, children’s areas and much more.

Of course, skiing is only part of the experience… discover numerous hiking trails that can be enjoyed with or without snowshoes, cross-country skiing (Langlauf) tracks, adventurous ski tours, toboggan runs and more.